Ministry of Justice
of the Azerbaijan Republic

International workshop on "TB and MDR TB control in prisons”


World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborative Centre (CC) on tuberculosis (TB) prevention and control in prisons based at the Main Medical Department of Azerbaijan Ministry of Justice in close collaboration with WHO Office for Europe and WHO Country Office successfully performed a 5-day International workshop on "TB and MDR TB control in prisons” in Baku, Azerbaijan on 3-7 July 2017 in response to request from WHO Office in Ukraine.

The course faculty represented by experts from WHO head quarters, WHO CC on prevention and control of TB in prisons, National TB Programme, Center of Excellence on Infection Control, Stop TB Partnership/Global Drug Facility and Scientific Research Institute of Pulmonology and Phthisiology provided the latest and most updated recommendations on management of TB and multi drug-resistant TB. During multiple site visits the training participants gained a unique first-hand practical experience on how WHO recommendations on TB control can be implemented in prison settings. 

The training audience was represented by 17 participants from International Organizations based in Ukraine, as well as, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

The course participants underlined tutors’ high qualification, accurate and professional work of international experts in educational process organization and high quality of obtained knowledge by audience within workshop.