Ministry of Justice
of the Azerbaijan Republic

5-days Study Tour for delegation from the Republic of Uzbekistan

Based on WHO Uzbekistan Office request, WHO CC on TB prevention and control in prisons is hosting the delegation from the Republic of Uzbekistan in the frames of 5-day study-tour  for high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Health and WHO Office for Uzbekistan representatives (September 24-28, 2018). Within upcoming 5 days participants will gain a unique first-hand practical experience on organization of tuberculosis services in prisons by visiting penitentiarities, as well as learn the latest and most updated recommendations on management of TB, MDR TB and co-morbidities in prison settings. It’s the second study tour which is organized for colleagues from Uzbekistan with the aim to familiarize with the successful experience of Azerbaijan in organization of TB services in penitentiary premises.