Ministry of Justice
of the Azerbaijan Republic

The planned International Training Courses have finished succesfully


The World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborative Centre (CC) on tuberculosis (TB) prevention and control in prisons based at the Main Medical Department of Azerbaijan Ministry of Justice  successfully performed two 6-day international trainings on “Strengthening TB Control in prisons of M/XDR-TB high-burden countries with emphasis on the new diagnostics, drugs and regimens” in Baku, Azerbaijan on 16-21 June and 17-22 June 2019 for Russian and English speaking auditories, respectively.

Inspiring course faculty represented by experts from WHO Office for Europe, WHO Headquarters, WHO CC on prevention and control of TB in prisons, International Committee for the Red Cross, Center of Excellence on Infection Control, Global Drug Facility and Médecins Sans Frontières, State Pharmacovigilance Centre and State Medical University of Belarus provided the latest and most updated recommendations on management of TB and multi drug-resistant TB. During multiple site visits the training participants gained a unique first-hand practical experience on how WHO recommendations on TB control can be implemented in prison settings. 

The training was attended by 30 participants representing the Ministries of Health and Internal Affairs, Directorate of Sanctions Execution and NGOs, as well as, International Organization operating in Belarus, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, the Philippines, Iraq, People’s Republics of Bangladesh and China.

In addition to the positive feedback of the course participants was underlined its important role in promotion good practices in management of TB among prisoners.