Ministry of Justice
of the Azerbaijan Republic

3rd Asian and Pacific Conference on Prison Health, ICRC


MoJ AR representatives participated at the 3rd Asian and Pacific Conference on Prison Health, organized by the ICRC. With the ICRC initiative, the Head of the Main Medical Department by means of comprehensive presentation shared the experience of Azerbaijan in effective collaboration of prison administration and prison medical services in the frame of TB Control program and beyond.

The Conference was aimed to provide health care professionals and managers working on prison settings with a platform to share their experiences, challenges, lessons learnt and research, and to mutually promote a whole-government stewardship approach to prison health and brought together senior management staff from the medical services of the ministry/department responsible for prisons health, senior management staff from the ministry/department responsible for prisons, officials from the ministry/department of health, academics and public health scientists from Asia and the Pacific as well as representatives from international organizations and international expert speakers/panelists.