Ministry of Justice
of the Azerbaijan Republic

Organization of the Trainings accordingly to the approved Plan is ongoing


In September 2021, 3 training courses were held in WHO Collaborating Center for the Prevention and Control of TB in Prisons, with the organizational support of the Main Medical Department of the Ministry of Justice. The first training, organized for penitentiary facilities’ guards on "The role of penitentiary service staff prison in implementing the TB detection strategy in prisons" was aimed at reaching participants’ understanding of the importance of TB detection strategy run in penitentiary facilities of Azerbaijan, as well as explaining the importance of their role in these activities. The target audience of the second - two-day training on the topic "Specifics of detection, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of TB in penitentiary facilities" were newly recruited doctors of the medical service. In addition, September has covered the Training on “New recommendations and measures to strengthen TB control program in penitentiary facilities”, conducted for the Heads of the medical-sanitary units of the colonies.

At the end of the trainings, all participants were awarded certificates.